Create professional and interactive Proposals.

Track everything that happened after sending and get updates from your clients.

Create and design
Share to clients
Track time spent
Design your proposal in live mode

We make your work easier and we will not complicate the process of creating proposals. The proposal is composed of sections and has a standard professional design with the possibility to customize:

  • Cover - Select from our cover collection and customize each one with images, colors, texts and more.
  • Font size of proposal content.
  • Section delimiter background.
  • Section delimiter height.

You can save as a template all the customization you have made and use them for future proposals.

Add different price types

Depending on the services offered you can add different prices, such as fixed or hourly rate.

Share to client
Ease sharing your professional proposal to the client

Generate a link for the proposal and send it by email or manually to your client. Your client will receive a modern view of a proposal with an amazing experience of navigation through your proposal. Also, he can accept/decline or download a PDF of your proposal. Of course, it is adapted for phones, tablets, and desktops.

Track the time spent on reading the proposal

Many times you send a proposal and after a while, you wonder if the client saw it. With ProAgentboard it's easier, you can see how many times the client visited and how much time he spent analyzing the proposal.

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